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Instant solution from Indosat Oredoo Call Center, resolve all your complaints!

The instant solution from  the IndoSat Call Center  is a good news that will solve all your issues related to this provider. Of course, using the IndoSat provider will never escape all the obstacles.   So this remedy is very suitable for its users.

Like other providers that have call center services, the special feature of IndoSat services is  the 24-hour free service  from all networks  . As you know, call center services are the most important thing to be offered by a provider company.

This is becauseit’s not uncommon for consumers to experience multiple barriers when using Ders E but providers. With a call center, of course, consumers can easily complain, complain, and ask for solutions to these issues. It can also be used as a provider development medium.

That is, with complaints and complaints, of course, the provider can improve the issue, but automatically the provider can be better again and again.   This is the basis for IndoSAT to greatly increase call center services.

The most common issues experienced by  Indosat users are  usually sudden network loss, inability to access the internet, payment issues or data sets. All these issues can be reported to IndoSAT directly through a phone line or the official website.

IndoSat has more than one call center number depending on the starter pack you are using. The following are the numbers and websites you can contact to get immediate solutions  from the IndoSat call center  .

Free Call Center Service

This free service offered by  Indosat Urdu  is a form of concern for its consumers. This free service can be accessed 24 hours a day through a customer service that is ready to help you.

  1. Call 111

For those who use Matrix, you can call 111 for free. This service is only for Matrix users, because  other cards offered by IndoSat usually require a small fee to be paid.

  1. Call 186

186 is  one  of the numbers you can use to get information about all IndoSat Oradoo products  . When you dial this number, it will be automatically answered by a response machine.

However, you don’t have to worry. This is because, if you still do not understand the information conveyed by the response machine, you  can choose to connect to the GusTomar service.

  1. Call +6221-5449501-06

This figure is a one mile segment of Indosat. You can send the various documents required for the number, so there is  no need to come directly to the IndoSAT office.

  1. Please contact us by email

In addition to the phone line, the  free service  gets an instant solution from the IndoSat call centre  related to IndoSat products and you cannot do it via email You can use this email to complain about various IndoSat products from any card.

Instead of facemile services, people now prefer to use email. This is because it is easy and can send more documents in one email. In addition, the document will automatically be overwritten and scattered on the device.

Paid Call Center Services

Although Indosat offers free services, a few consumers do not like  paid services because they  are fast at handling. The speed is affected by the level of traffic called Terz E but number.

There is more traffic to free services, so it will take a long time for your phone to respond to customer service and get the service. Here is the  number to get an instant solution from the paid IndoSat call centre  :

  1. Call 185

This number is provided  to Mendari Oorudu,  Matrix Ooredoo and IM3 Ooredoo users through Indosat Oredoo. While using this service, your credit will be automatically deducted up to ITR 400 as service charge.

This number is for those of you who want to submit reviews, suggestions or complaints. When you call the number, there will be customer service service. They  will  also provide instant solutions from the IndoSat call centre for all complaints that you resolve 24 hours  a day.

  1. Call +6221-3000-3000 or +6221-4538-8888

When you dial this number, you will be charged the same as making a call to the landline number. However, Indosat is offering discounts  to its customers as the cost becomes cheaper compared to contacting other landlines.

By calling the number, you no longer have to stand in line to talk to customer service when calling the number provided at a lower rate.

You can submit all the complaints on the spot and  you will get  an immediate solution from the Indosat call centre regarding your complaint  . This can be very helpful when you are in emergency card trouble and should be completed on that day.

Call centre via IndoSAT social media

There is no denying the fact that many  of The Indosat customers are young  people, so Indosat needs to adjust their lifestyle as well. Hence, Indosat started expanding its call center services on social media.  In particular, it’sTwitter.

You can submit all the complaints  via a direct message to IndoSAT on the Twitter page called Indosat Care  . The  response provided by the administrator of @IndosatCare is also very fast and of course they offer instant solutions from Indosat’s call centre rather than phone lines.

Apart from Twitter, IM3 users can also contact IndoSat through the MyIM3 app. This application is very versatile because it can be used not only for submitting complaints, but also for various credit and allotment purchase transaction processes.

Visit IndoSAT official website

Those who don’t have Twitter social media or don’t want to get in touch on the phone  , can  instead visit the IndoSAT official website in the IndoSat  because this website has the Indira feature, which is a virtual customer service. Indira will help you resolve all the complaints.

This feature is  a live chat between you and customer service via the official website  of IndoSAT. You have to open the Indira icon in the lower right corner of the website page. Then, a dialog board will appear to fill in the name and phone number.

After that, you will have to wait until there is customer service in the conversation. If someone has responded to your complaint request, you  will need to submit all complaints related to IndoSat products  such as Chatting.

The given response is generally very fast, as the conversation will be real-time and customer service will  provide instant  solutions to your complaints and complaints from  the IndoSat call centre.

In addition to  submitting complaints, by visiting  the official IndoSat website,  you will get a lot of information about  IndoSat such as checking credit or bills, checking the active duration of your card, getting to know the update information from IndoSat services, getting to know the nearest outlets, latest promotions and customer service.

With a call centre that is accessible through various media, of course, IndoSat customers  get  an instant  solution  from the IndoSat call centre  for all the issues they are experiencing.

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