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Use KPR simulations in the following banks

Before taking a credit loan, you first need to know the credit amount to be covered, you  can use mortgage simulation to know about the issue  . There are many banks that offer these services to anyone who wants to know how much a home loan is.

The need for a home is very essential for any living being in the world. However, in order to get a house right, capital making is not bad and not everyone can afford to pay that much to buy a house. So, this mortgage may be a solution for the lower middle class to get a mortgage. However, those who often want to take a mortgage are afraid that they will not be able to return the installments.

But in the form of a mortgage calculator in this simulation, it prepares customers who want to take a mortgage well so that they can know how much to pay. Can a very large amount of customers divide the financial conditions under which they have to pay home loan instalments. All these things should be carefully prepared in advance.

To decide to take a home  loan,  you also need to be prepared to bear a small amount of debt for the rest of your life. Hence, it requires different calculations and there will also be readiness in various things including financial planning when you take instalments.  Use mortgage simulations at many banks that offer this service, here’s the explanation.

Various banks that offer KPR simulation

The bank offers mortgage calculator service to provide convenience to customers who want to take a loan to buy a house. These services will be provided by banks including KPR simulation from BCA, followed by simulations at Mandiri, BTN, BNI, BRI banks, Maybank, Permata, CIMB Niaga, Danamon and UOB.

The first is kpr simulation from BCA. This bank is known for calculating interest, which is relatively innovative compared to other banks. As the majority of Indonesians are very sensitive with respect to interest, this bank offers a very innovative interest, i.e. the existence of “fix and cap” and the existence of a “3-year interest fix”. This will provide interest relief to the society.

Within the “Fix and Cap” scheme itself, you get the service for 5 years in the form of stability in interest rates. The combination of flowers given will have a fixed amount as well as a maximum. Anyone wants to get the exact and fixed amount, so with BCA Bank it  may be the solution to use the KPR simulation.

Then if you take this product there is something like “fix for 1-2 months”, then in the first 1 to 2 years it will definitely get interest and there is no need for penalty if you are going to repay. With this scheme, it will provide relief to the consumers, and also provide interest with a lower value. Even based on several surveys conducted, it is suspected that the BCA is interested in a much lower value.

Description of KPR simulation for Bank Mandiri, BTN, BNI

The extensive network is owned by the Bank Mandir, which has reached different parts of the remotest parts of the archipelago. Since this bank is the largest bank in Indonesia, it will always offer you greater services than other banks across the country. There are many things that are of interest in this bank. One of them  is the tenure for which the mortgage simulation can  be used for a long time, even up to 20 years.

It is most appropriate to take a loan in the form of property goods at this time. As far as the interest scheme offered is concerned, bank mandiri definitely offers a variety of attractive features as follows. This means the presence of temple flexible and tiered installments. Both have their own interests. In Mandiri Flexible, you can take a house and decide for yourself how long and credit disbursement in each division. And for tiered installments,  you can postpone it in installments until the third year, the installment to the next year will return as before.

Apart from Mandiri, BTN Bank also provides loan services for home loans. In fact, the bank has been providing these loan services for a long time. This is a solution from the government so that people can easily buy houses. In this case, the facility offered by the government to low-income people can only avail of a larger DP of 1%, as well as a 5% interest rate can be taken long-term for up to 20 years, as there is  no need to hesitate to use the mortgage simulation.

Then you can also take this simulation at BNI Bank. The loan product offered by BNI is called BNI Gria, which can be used in BNI Gria for purposes such as top up, renovation or purchase, acquisition for villas, shop houses, spare parts, covering land and more. Interestingly, the tenure given by this bank can reach 25 years.

Bri, Maybank and Permata are also less interested in providing KPR services.

Currently, BRI Bank is one of the largest number of banks in Indonesia. Therefore, the bank is  also no less in guiding the use of mortgage simulations for its customers  , with two products used in taking loans. They are also in the form of regular and subsidies. Both are very suitable for use by BRI customers across Indonesia.

For regular credit, it is intended for ordinary people who have enough income. Residences can be taken up as houses, apartments, etc. Meanwhile, in the type of subsidy, it will be used for those with an income of less than $4 million by fulfilling some of the given conditions.

And  if you are a Maybank customer user, two credit options can be made. They are Maybank Floating Rate, Interest-free and Maybank Plus. At the floating rate, you  can pay interest from the time the installments are taken  . And in the interest-free, you get in sync with the savings account provided. While at Maybank Plus, the credit current account is combined with the number of installments when using the KPR simulation.

At Parmata Bank, loans are given through regular and Sharia channels.   You can choose  both  based on your personal needs  . Having a wise mortgage in permato allows you to enjoy 0% interest and 75% as a calculation while deducting the principal given  .

Choose according to your personal needs

By adjusting the income you get, you can choose which one to take so that the next installments can be easily paid. Don’t be tempted to look at a large loan amount, but how to calculate  the  loan later.  Make sure  to use the mortgage simulation and will be able to pay according to the given grace period.

While deciding to take a home loan, remember that you should also be willing to bear a small amount of loan for the rest of your life. Therefore, it requires various calculations and there is also readiness in various matters including financial planning when you take installments. There are many banks that offer this service, here’s an explanation.

This  is because the loan loan you use to buy a house depends heavily on your life. Making preparations to be at ease of bearing installments can also be prepared as soon as possible. Especially among you who earn with average value  ,  using the mortgage simulation will  help even more in the future.


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