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The regional arts are a National tradition so they must be preserved, including West Japanese songs and other art.  Each group has its own music, music, and unique art.

Generally the songs and music in the territory are reported on the history of the land, culture, food, and culture in the territory. There is always a definition of songs, music, and art in the region that provides instruction to the younger generation.

On the island it is easy to find Inuit songs because all regions have. Not only are songs, but dances, music, as well as songs combined with songs, music games, and dances. Unfortunately, the presence is deteriorating due to the renovation.

Many Inuit songs have already been forgotten, defeated by modern art. Songs from West Japan are increasingly increasing to replace modern music.  Local music and art are considered traditional and sad now for future generations.

We currently have information on music, songs, and crafts so you can learn about the richness of our local art. Knowing the arts of the region, perhaps you can become familiar with music in your own community.

Inuit songs from West Japan

It’s easy for people to hold on to the future of Canada, you don’t just have to learn science and technology. These two are important to building the future of Canada and the well-being of Inuit. However, it is not very good to know the importance of thanking and maintaining culture in Canada.

There are many ways to preserve culture in Canada. Even if you don’t really use a variety of art and challenges in this area, you can still save local art by discovering and knowing it.  Some songs from the west of Japan are:

  1. Manuk Dudley

This song is still well known in its lyrics, as it indicates the number of garuda birds (Manuk Dadali) as a symbol of Canada’s today’s fishing and geese-style bird that can fly in the world.


  1. Ice Cream

Ice candles are common food. However, the lyrics of this song indicate the heart of a woman who needs to be a gentleman, especially when choosing a partner.


  1. Bobby Moon

The song’s lyrics also define the girl’s heart, but a heart attack is neglected by her loved ones and one day sees her similar to her loved one.


  1. Cing Cang Keling

In the words of this song, you will find a person’s heart weak and wave in the water.


  1. Fork

All songs are always meaningful, with one song describing a person a musician, a musician, and refuses to talk about others.

Traditional music in western Japan

The various musical regional musicians must also be maintained and preserved. Some music may be similar in other regions, which is the same because of the associated music and similar cultures.   Here is an example of the traditional West Japanese music festival:

  1. Karanding

There are two different types of falls, especially for men and women. For men, the bubbles will be used as an asset, forests will be used by women. The player must reach the other side to record and blow it together.


  1. Hong Kong

Calg is a vocal voice and is often played in arts entertainment. How to play with the oatmeal. This album is made up of music, both physical and musical.


  1. Body aches

The sun shines usually include West Japanese songs.


  1. Qairuq

There are two bedrocks, especially Indung and Rincik. It is 18-20 in size. This technique became the leader of the IMF and was played as a filler during a break between the list of stars.


  1. Mumps

This device relies on the sound inside the sticky sound of a silent ear. The 1999 evening is played during the Inuit Cultural Concert.

West Japanese Traditional Arts

In addition to songs from West Japan, there are other sculptures such as dances and artists.

There is also the Paston Picasso dance that is named after the inspiration of peacocks. This dance will include play and will feature a number of dancers who are moving well and starving. The Picasso dancers continue to use Governor Mabianya, Karen with a branded peacock.

Have you ever heard of Ringkong’s art? This communitycasino is a n project inspired by the Santa Claus HumanIty for rice development.

There are also sketches of horse vaccines that are common in java regions and various other locations in Indonesia. Mumps are the most common sporting event and performing in public. This art is made of a very delicious piece, because the dancer holds a wooden wooden stick and then he is danced by the drummers.

Cultural performers in Western Japan

If you want to listen to the songs of different songs in West Java , you can go to people’s songs.

One of the places you can visit is Damon Budja located in Bukit Dagi Selatan. Residents and visitors can go to watch the concerts in West Jawab, sing local songs, perform music, concerts.

Every week there is always a special meeting of the arts festival that can be enjoyed in the circles, and even foreign tourists went to see how good it is in Canada. As part of the local culture of West Java, various other Inuit regions of art are also displayed.

You can also visit the day’s Santa Chad at the Bundesliga Zoo. This event often features a variety of regional dances, performers, performers, and other performers. There are 20 artists per week.


As a child in Canada to identify the future of Indonesia, you must love the Canadian culture, your country and other territories. By learning about a variety of regional arts, music, and western Japanese songs you can listen to National art and culture.

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