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BTN Call Center, Help solve  your banking problems

 As a BTN call center bank customer  , this can be the solution if you have a problem. Complex problems of banking administration can be solved only by calling, without the client having to come to the branch office.

Customers do not just contact consumer calls when they have complaints. Customers can use this opportunity to discuss or challenge account creation issues. Some even use it to get the latest information in a bank.

It is rare for a BTN call center to be a solution to different types of complaints.   You can negotiate a loan until the ATM problem disappears. These different problems can be easily solved if customers can take advantage of these features effectively.

However, few customers know the customer service number. This made it difficult for some people to complain to the bank. Below is how to contact the call center belonging to BTN bank, which customers can contact.

The latest central number of BTN Bank is 2021

Calling BTN to the Central Bank is one of the services that are provided to customers to resolve complaints about banking activities. By calling the number 1 500 286, customers are directly connected to the customer service provided by the BTN bank.

The BTN call center is able to serve your complaints for a full 24 hours. So if there is a problem outside of office hours, the client can still make the call. For example, if you lose goods and ATMs, they will come. Then just call the number to carry out management.

Some minor cases, such as deposit statements and ATM loss reports, can be resolved directly without having to arrive at the branch. So, if you withdraw the case of losing the ATM, the client can now come to the office to pick up the ATM without having to go through the administrative process.

When it comes to call speed and accuracy, customers need to be patient when it comes to doing it during business hours. Your phone is likely to queue up if some people interact at the same time.  You can avoid this by making a phone call when office hours are over.

As a smart customer, you need to record the calling number of the location. Because if there is a problem in saving , the first step is to call the number. Do not hesitate and report complaints as quickly as possible.

How much does the BTN Call Center Call Center cost customers

Call services can be performed by anyone, both customers and non-customers. The cost of the call is certainly not free and  should carry thepenel e pounds. The total cost is in line with the tariff applied by the telecom operator to the customer, so BTN does not set a fixed fee.

For some, calls can be expensive, but they can also be free.  If  there is a phone bonus on the number, it is possible to contact the BTN bank, there are no fees. But if this is a long, long deal, then you need to make more loans.

Technically, BTN’s call center is  free, but the caller still has to pay a call fee from the telecom operator. The bank itself does not accept money from its phone, because the service is used to solve problems owned by customers.

Customers who have savings at a BTN bank cannot deduct savings balances during the call. So do not worry about making consumer calls, because the bank does not charge any fees. It is the responsibility of the telecommunications operator to provide you with telephone costs.

Customers are usually reluctant to make calls because they are afraid that their savings balance will be deducted during a call. This is certainly not true, because the bank will not do this. The client has the right to contact if there is a problem with his account.

The sooner you report if there is a problem, the bank can quickly deal with it. In general, it will be more difficult to solve the banking problems that they are allowed to do. So, as a wise customer, you need to quickly report if there is a discrepancy.

The latest Syariah BTN Call Center number in 2021

As one of the strategic business units of BTN bank, consumer dial-in numbers are the same as normal BTN.  If you  have savings in Syariah bank BTN and would like to make a complaint, please contact 1 500 286. When you contact him, you will be taken to a Sharia department.

The cost of calls incurred by the customer also varies depending on the operator of the customer’s communication service provider.  So  , you can pay a fee or, depending on the phone account, it is free. The length of the call also affects how much a person costs to contact the bank.

BTN’s syariah call center serves consumer calls 24 hours even outside of office hours. That way, you don’t have to worry about making calls outside of business hours when there’s a problem with your account. Customer service serves your needs as efficiently as possible.

It should be noted that many customers will use this customer service.  So  you need to be patient when your call is pending. The server may be full because there are so many customers who contact the bank. If this happens again for a while.

The watch is highly praised for making a call if you want the line to be quiet at six o’clock in the evening. At this time, very few customers made consumer calls.  This way  , you can call customer service faster.

Never hesitate to complain to the bank. The client has the right and must immediately report if there is an irregularity in his account. The safety and comfort of customers is fully guaranteed by the bank, so do not hesitate  to report your complaints.

Contact numbers other than BTN call centres

In addition to using the BTN  banking center,  you can also use the official phone number of certain branches. If you call this line, then the possibility of queuing will be less. Branching can also be used to solve problems faster.

Contact one of the branches in your city if you  really have an emergency complaint, such as a lost ATM or fraudulent action. Customers can get more serious services by calling the branch office number. You can get the number by arriving directly at the office or asking for the central calling number.

It should be understood that the branch office phone is used only for the emergency purposes of the branch client. Therefore, be sure to  contact the same branch as your savings account. For example , if you have savings in the Sukolilo Surabaya branch, then make a call on the branch.

If you  make a call in a different account, the customer may be redirected to contact another branch. The bank does this, of course, in order to maintain the efficiency of consumer calls. If too many connections accumulate, the service will not be optimal.

Banking problems are very simple and easy to solve if the client uses the right way. You don’t have to worry if there are errors or problems in your savings account. Contact the BTN Call Center to report a complaint or contact your nearest branch office directly.

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