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How to Check the Active Period of XL Credit  easily and quickly

The dynamic timing of XL credit  should be well known so you can still use it for both internet needs, TelEPon and sms. As a matter of note, each person working on it has imposed an active period of time on any number of consumers for a given period of time.

If your number’s active time has expired and it hasn’t updated, it can cause the number to be stranded, so that consumers don’t use it. Clearly, situations like this will make you experience amillion problemsbecause you can’t enjoy a variety of services from XL , right?

As we already know, XL itself is one of the most popular handheld merchants in Indonesia. This is thanks to a number of service products where they offer such as internet packages, phone packages, sms packages to different types of promos. Interestingly, the XL is also known to have a very low price tag to reach anyone who

Unfortunately, not all XL users pay  attention to the active period of  their XL credit  . They only discovered when no number could be used afterwards to access all the services provided. Because when the activation period has expired, it is not normal for users to have to replace a new SIM card because the old card has expired.

Surely you don’t want to if the numbers get banned as you’re not paying attention to the active age of XL ?  To find out how active heart rate time actually is so easy to do. When a customer isn’t impressing a second time, here are some ways that can be used to look at the above.

How to Ensure Active  Period XL Credit  Easily

For those of you looking for the active grace period of SIMcard XL, you can use2 ways, which are through the number code *123# or on websites.  To check via dial-up, customers can automatically type *123# on the call menu on your cellphone. If so, then you can see the detailed information immediately.

During the same period, if it’s using the website, customers should visit the XL In that case, you can choose the language directly. Skip some modes where not required by clicking Skip This method. You log in or log in using a cell phone number and a pre-created password. Through the web, customers can see the remaining scores combined with the active season.

Another way to check the active time of xl credit  is through the MyXL application. The application is available in the playstore and App store for IOS users. This approach also becomes simpler and more effective than using a website. If you’ve successfully downloaded it, you can enter a number and password right away.

For the active time of the loan, it also depends on the amount of balance sent to it. Which is greater than the balance of the loan where it is sent, the longer the active the XL card  and the loan in it. For those of you who want the activation time increased, you can immediately extend it in a few ways below.

Ways to Increase The Life of SIM XL

In order to extend the dynamic duration of XL Credit,  there are actually different ways that can be done. Including by sning up the weight of the credit. To top up the balance can be done in various ways like to buy directly through e-commerce like Shopee, Tokopedia that opens a crown like it. The active credit period on the XL card is:

  1. Rp1000 = 2 days
  2. Rp5000 = 7 days
  3. 000 = 15 days
  4. = 15.000 = 20 days
  5. Rp25,000 = 35 days
  6. IDR 50,000 = 45 maalmoods
  7. IDR 100,000 = 90 maalmoods
  8. IDR 200,000 = 120 maalmoods
  9. IDR 300,000 = 180 maalmoods
  10. Rp500,000 = 240 days
  11. 000.000 = 360 days

In addition to benefiting from  how to check the dynamic period of XL credit XL, XL customers  can also buy xl for active periods. This one tip is widely chosen because of the timeliness that can be adjusted for each customer’s needs. It’s ideal for those of you who hold a lot of the credit balance but the grace period is almost here. Obviously you don’t want the number to be intercepted and out of the yeast air, well? Here are the steps.

  1. First, customers can open the phone directly or call-up menu on a mobile phone
  2. If so, you can instantly type *123*8484#. Wait a minute for a new menu to appear
  3. Later, customers can immediately see several active age choices from XL, namely IDR 2 thousand 1.3 days, IDR 5000 days 2.7, IDR 15,000 days 3.30, IDR 30,000 90 days and IDR 100,000 days 5360.
  4. Make sure you choose an option that suits individual needs.
  5. If the above method has been developed, then automatically at the age of SIMcard XL you will increase

Other Ways to Extend XL Operator’s Life

Another method that can be used to extend the active duration  of XL scores  is by purchasing different types of packages (internet, sms, and phone) which are paid by the operator or via credit transfers. As to how that can be used easily, here are the reviews.

  1. Through the purchase of a service package

Those of you who want to save money. The trick above could be the best solution, namely by purchasing an internet package, sms or phone provided by XL.  For customers who want to buy a package, they can access the service directly at *123#, customers will find several menu options.

Starting with packages for sms, phone to send online. Here, it is recommended to choose the XTRACOMbo menu. In this menu, users can find a few choices of internet packages that can be optimized for their personal needs.

  1. By debt transfer

In addition to being able tobuy credit, how to ensure  the active time  of credit XL loan transfers can also be a solution to extending the duration of your favorite XL  card  . This approach is not complicated and yet very easy to do. You just need to find *123#, select number 7 for info, continue to select the m-pulsa menu and split credit. Just enter the destination number and loan amount.

Faa’iidooyinka XL  Operators

There are several benefits applied to an XL operator , includingthe following:

  1. He has a pretty good internet network

The primary advantage of an XL operator  is that it already has a very good internet network. especially it already has a 4G network and today it is the fastest network. This is also uninterrupted by its services which are widespread in almost all regions of Indonesia.

  1. Having a complete package needed

This provider is also known for its comprehensive packaging choices which are tailored to the needs of the customer. From online packaging, phone sms. Of course a price that can reach all its customers.

  1. The existence of customer feedback and communication service

The ultimate advantage is the existence of a responsive and self-exclusive customer service. These customer services always deliver as best as by providing a customer friendly service.

XL is one of the cellular operators where it is the highest demand due to the number of services and products offered complete. For those of you who are loyal customers, knowing the dynamic season of  credit XL  is a very important thing to do.

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