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Here’s how to transfer Ovo to Gopay easily

In this article, we are going to discuss how to transfer ovo to gopay easily, where there are several things  you need to pay attention to. In today’s modern era, there  are   e-wallet services that can help during transactions, such as gopay, funds, etc.

In addition, using an e-wallet, there are usually many attractive offers such as discounts or  promotions compared to the use of cash.   Naturally,  nowadays, many people switch to using e-wallets instead of cash.

Not only does this make transactions easier for users, but you also don’t have to worry about filling your wallet to pay for groceries. When it comes to simply bringing a smartphone or  debit card, shopping becomes easier and more convenient. Therefore,  know how to properly  top up  the ovo balance to pay correctly below.

Learn what an e-wallet is

Please note that e-wallets are a  useful  service to  help store data from payment-related instruments  or better known as alternative payment instruments today.   Almost all shopping malls and restaurants implement this electronic payment system.

In addition to making the payment  process  easier for  consumers, this method is quite effective because it  can have quite high security.   So you don’t need to hoard so much money in the cashier’s drawer.   With this e-wallet, your  money will be indirectly  secured by the Bank.

With this digital or electronic wallet,  you just need to use cards and  electronic money  to hold funds and make transactions.   Generally, these digital wallets  are  more popular with the term e-wallet or e-wallet.   The use itself is capable of facilitating the  transactions of cashless users.

As is known, in Indonesia itself,  there are already several types of e-wallets widely used by the public,  including OVO Cash, Tcash, GO-PAY, DANA and others.   In this article, we are going to discuss how to transfer  Ovo to Gopay easily.

The use of this e-wallet itself is under the  auspices of  bank indonesia, so it is  very very widely used daily. Each of these e-wallets certainly has its  advantages and disadvantages depending on the user. There are  many things  you can get from e-wallets such as discounts, online promotions, etc.

How to Transfer OVO to Gopay You Need to Know

When you want to transfer your   Ovo  balance to Gopay, there are several things you need to know. When it comes to  Ovo and Gopay accounts  , both need to have a  verified  status  in order to  make  it easier for you   when you  want to transfer your balance.  The method itself is very easy and does not make it so difficult for you as a user.

If it has not been verified,  you must first upgrade your account.   The method itself is quite easy, all that is needed is   to upload a photo of the ID card with a selfie photo while holding the ID card.   Then your Ovo Cash funds can be transferred to Gopay.   Here are  the ways to transfer Ovo to Gopay that need to be considered, including:

  1. Open and run the OVO app on your smartphone.
  2. Then click on the “Transfer” button.
  3. Then, please enter the amount of funds you wish to transfer.
  4. Klik on the “Gem Bank” option.
  5. P there is another process, fill in the destination account number to  be transferred. Where you need to use the   following format: 898 followed by the mobile phone number  registered on  the  Gopay account  for example: 897085725678.
  6. After that, press the “Transfer” button.
  7. Then, press the “Confirm” button.
  8. When you’re done, wait a few minutes until a pop-up notification message appears on the cell phone screen stating that the  transaction was successful.

If a  pop-up  notification appears  indicating that the  transfer  process was successful, your account balance  will be deducted automatically.  After that,  the recipient only has to check if the Gopay account balance  has been entered.   If it has not been sent, users should immediately contact the OVO call center.

How to transfer Ovo to Gopay is indeed very easy and hassle-free,  so you can make  good use of your e-wallet without having to withdraw  money via an ATM.   In addition  , in the modern era,  there  are already many electronic payment systems available in all shopping malls, etc.

Some terms in the disbursement process

Based on the above Ovo to Gopay transfer procedures  , several provisions of the  money transfer process should also be taken into account. When it comes  to executing transfer transactions, each user must first become a Premier member.

During the transaction  process, the given time is usually quite  short and can be less than 1 minute.   Also, in  the balance transfer process  , there is   usually a minimum of IDR 10,000  and applies to all banks or  your  account.

Thus, you who have a balance of less than IDR 10,000 cannot transfer your balance.  You must first reload so that the transaction process can be carried out immediately. When it comes to mobile banking or ATMs, you can  top up your balance easily, even GoPay.

Please note that  the Ovo app has applied a minimum transfer of IDR 10,000  only,  so it is certain that your balance is sufficient.   Not only that, there is also  a  transfer fee that is charged at IDR 2500 per transaction.

You also need yourhu if the Ovo points in your account cannot be transferred.   What for? Indeed, Ovo Point can only  beused to  pay for  food, groceries,  walks and cars only.   Therefore, many people make payments with Ovo cash to get cashback at Ovo Point.

Ovo point cannot be transferred to Gopay as  it is a reward or cashback that  is usually given after making a payment via Ovo Cash.   Usually, the number of Ovo points obtained also depends on the promotions available.

If you want to pay for groceries  with  Ovo points, but the balance is lower, you can add them using Ovo Cash.   So it can be  concluded that the way to transfer Ovo to Gopay is indeed very easy, but this does not apply to Ovo Point transfers.

How long does the  Ovo  balance transfer process take and the amount of the fee?

As is known, there has been  a change in  e-fectatif since January 2020, when OVO began applying a bank transfer fee of IDR 2,500 per transaction.  If before, they gave an offer in the form of a  free  transfer  10 times to any bank with no minimum balance.

Although there  are currently  transfer fees for each transaction, these transfer fees are  very cheap compared to  conventional banks, which are 6,500 IDR.   In addition to the way to transfer Ovo to Gopay which is relatively easy, the transfer fees are also very affordable.

In addition, how to transfer to Gopay itself is very easy, where the delivery of proses to Gopay is very short even less than 1 minute.    Don’t worry  if you use this app to process transactions or transfer money between different banks.

If your Ovo account still has a lot of balance, but you want to make purchases using Gopay, don’t worry.   Based on  the  above information, regarding how to transfer Ovo to Gopay, hopefully this can help you to stop being confused if you want to shop when the Gopay balance  is  empty.

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