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Manfaat Call Center ACC, not only ufor complaint

Its users get  the benefits of the ACC call  center. Often there are problems when working with credit or leasing institutions, and if they are not treated immediately, misunderstandings arise. Well, this misunderstanding may finally be another problem for you.

Of course, don’t you want to immediately address the problems you face when financing heavy equipment with the ACC? It can be used in different ways to overcome problems or obstacles of different types. One of them is  to contact a part of the ACC call center.

The  ACC call center you receive has many advantages  ,  and the most significant is to help you overcome problems during the funding process.   Users of Acc services often  encounter a number of problems , such as asking for credit relief to extend the loan term to make installment payments easier.

To contact the call center, this can be easily done.  This is because ACC gives you its own number when its customers or users can contact it. You can immediately make a complaint to the appropriate number and correctly and in detail submit a complaint or complaint.

In this way, the leasing party will provide you with the best solution. Do not forget to pass some important documents that are needed. Before you know how to contact and what are the benefits of the ACC call center, you also need to know what the naval history of the company is like, just look at the explanation below.

A  brief history of the ACC company

As already mentioned, there are indeed many advantages to the ACC call center  .   ACC or Astra Credit Companies is an automotive and heavy machinery financing institution. The financial corporation is already well known to the general public and has more than 9,000 partner traders.

Based on the regulation of the IOK (financial services authority), no.  Both have their  own advantages.

The predecessor of the ACP  came from PT Astra Sedaya Finance, which was founded on July 15, 1982 as PT Raharja Sedaya. The facility is useful to support the automotive business of the Astra Group . Only in 1990 PT Rajardja Sedaya changed its name to PT astra Sedaya Finance.

The advantages of the ACC call center provided by  the company include the purchase of new and used cars, especially vehicles produced by Astra, such as Toyota Isuzu, Daihatsu, Peugeot and BMW. According to its formation, the company operates to support the financing process of more than 1600 car dealers in Indonesia.

Companies operating as an ACC association include  Astra Sedaya Finance, PT Swadharma Bhakti Sedaya Finance, PT astra Auto Finance, PT Staco Estika Sedaya Finance and PT Pratama Sedaya Finance. To date, this company continues to develop various services and facilities provided. It also continues their reputation.

Comhlánaigh  ACC y ang Call Center információk

In fact, the ACC call center makes it easier  and more practical to find information for customers and companies. In addition,  there are  many advantages of the ACC call center  that users receive. In particular, to overcome various types of problems and complaints during cooperation.

For those who want to contact part of the company’s call center, you can simply call 021-766-9000 for customers in the Jakarta area. Meanwhile, if you are outside Jakarta, you can just call 1500-599. With this number, it is possible to contact all telecom operators.

In the meantime, customers who want to establish direct contact with the head office can call directly at (021) 7885-9000. Where  acp head office is  located on Jl.TB Simatupang No.90. When submitting these complaints and recommendations, it should be done clearly and in detail so that the company better understands it.

Customers can wait about 20 days for a response or response. The period is calculated from all documents received. If the complaint process does not receive a response, the onlyway to accept it may be to contact the IOK through the 1500655 number. This is the best way to promote complaints.

Advantages of  ACC  call centers

He does not yet know how to file a complaint  through the company ACC. Well, it turns out that the ACC  call center has  many advantages  , which should be known. See the review below for more details

  1. Quickly make a complaint

As already mentioned, the call center is really the most suitable place to submit complaints such as problems during the lending process. With fast reporting, it allows you to quickly resolve issues. You can use one of the above numbers directly.

  1. Find information about the products you own

Another advantage of the ACP Call Centre  is that it can obtain information on products owned by the company concerned.  Astra Credit Companies itself has a variety of products, such as car financing for heavy lats.

  1. As a means of advice

It is also possible that the call center is the best place to advise the company. It is impossible to deny that if the services of a leasing company are sometimes unsatisfactory, you can immediately advise them so that they can work more optimistically.

  1. Contact the company

The advantage of the ACC call center is that it connects customers from the call center  to this ACC company  . Not only that, but it is also very important that they are there because they are able to deal with different types of customer problems.

Advantages of  buying a vehicle with ACC

There are several advantages to the purchase of ACP vehicles:

  1. Provide the best possible service to your customers

The use of this ACP leasing institution  also brings many benefits to users. An example is best service that has used the concept of operational excellence to maintain customer satisfaction.

  1. Has a wide range of complete product functions

Astra Credit Companies also has a number of product features that are quite complete. He also collaborated with several car dealerships in Indonesia. The requirements for applying for a loan are also very easy to do.

  1. Affordable customer access

Finally, you also get a service that is very easy  for customers to access.   There are many ways to stay in touch, for example, through call centers or social media.

Indeed  , cooperation with funding institutions is not spared from various types of problems. To combat this, customer service may be the best option. The  ACC call center has many   advantages that you can find.  

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