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LG Electronics is a company that is a big competitor of Samsung products, tosiba, then how to contact LG service center.  Not only making smartphones, korean factories supply various types of goods for all consumers, such as refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, and air conditioners.

Not much different from other big companies, LG even opened up a new history on its great journey to the present point. Here’s the full review. Lg company was founded in 1958 in Korea, but initially did not use the name LG but goldstar.

When it was first established, goldstar stood to drive its country’s progress through electronic products. Through time travel, in 1995 goldstar merged with lak hui chemical. Two-duanya comes with a new name, namely lucky goldstar and eventually shortened to LG.

History of the Establishment of LG Electronics Company

LG’s service center now has the slogan “life’s good”. But you know, in the past LG came up with another slogan. As in 1197 to 1999 using “future’s technology”. From 1999 to 2004, he used the slogan “digitally yours”.

In ancient times smartphones with capacitive monitors have not been popular, many people use resistive screens. This type one monitor works when pressed, of course, its responsive accuracy becomes lower than capacitive.

LG electronics became the company that invented smartphones with capacitive touchscreen systems. Like the LG ke850 comes with a screen of approximately 3 inches and has a resolution of 240×400. Although the headset used is not the best brand today, it is quite sophisticated in its time, until it reaches sales results of approximately 1 million units in the 18 months since it was first released.

Innovation continues with the release of LG g5 products several years ago. These products include high-standard smartphones from LG. So it is not the first, because fairphone 2 was first released. But instead lg g5 released a mainstream smartphone in the high-end market. In more detail, lg g5 has a battery outside the body and can be disassembled at any time.

LG Electronics is a well-known south Korean company. Starting from electronic products to smartphones can be found in the LG brand. Indeed, its development is very significant, starting in 1985 until now it has become the best brand from the world of electronics. It has been 36 years of existence in the electronics industry making it develop with advanced innovations every year.

Its history in Indonesia is better known as goldstar at the beginning of its emergence, because the two companiescooperate with Astra with the aim of developing in a better direction. Now you can see the LG brand has become an electronic brand that is preferred by the people of Indonesia.

Lg Electronics Brand Excellence Recognized by the World

In its development, LG service center has issued a quality policy. Even applying techniques that break the market so that they can compete with other brands to get interests, especially among Asians and Indonesians. LG is able to run a competition to become the pioneer of the best and quality brand.

  1. Able to compete healthy in the electronic world

Of course, a company has atight supply in the market, as well as the LG brand. The strategy they use brings out durable products compared to similar products belonging to rivals. LG always maintains customer loyalty in various ways. Starting from product quality that is always improved, competitive prices,  quality LG service centers, and many more.

  1. Have a warm and healthy relationship with suppliers

Suppliers are important when running a business. LG has proven for itself that they have gained the trust of suppliers without any problems or obstacles. So when the production process always runs smoothly as expected.

  1. Have the best place in the hearts of consumers

Another important thing is, LG always maintains product quality so that loyal customers do not go to use other products. Because the business world is very cruel. In Indonesia, many electronics companies are rivals to LG. Even successfully provide LG service center number one to each customer.

  1. Always innovating

The big problem comes if the product cannot compete healthily in the business world. But interestingly until now LG has innovated following the trend of the development of the era that is increasingly canggih with quality products.

  1. Has a wide market

The electronics market in Indonesia has a great opportunity, even LG has gained a place in the hearts of its people. LG’s products are very quality and have advantages over other competitors. Even the technology they use is always different from others.  LG service center is always trying to get the market in the world in the field of electronic brands

LG Electronics Marketing Strategy in Asia andthe World

LG does have a market in the high and middle classes, its products have affordable prices in the pockets of Indonesian people. Unlike the market in other countries, the price offered is higher than the market in Indonesia. LG has a very good marketing strategy and is able to achieve competition with the world’s products.

They as a company prioritize LG service center services  to customers, so they always feel comfortable using their products. They are always ready to shift the position of other products by issuing the latest and quality products.

LG is an electronics company that does not run fast, but they run slowly but surely. They always want to innovate in every product to satisfy the hearts of their customers. In the development of computer operating systems and smart smartphones today, LG has even released some of its best products.

Precisely in 2011, LG has released tablets and phones based on Android. After that, in 2012 LG released a tablet with a 3d camera for the first time. For the first time, LG is removing smartphones using processors from intel.

Korean manufacturers have even introduced a new technology under the name thinq in 2017. The technology is a modification of the phrase “think of you” with meaning so that humans and devices can interact with nature. According to him, thinq will facilitate the lifestyle of consumers because they have high mobility.

The application of the latest technology is different from each product to each other. For example, on a TV, thinq will improve on audio and visuals. Then for household appliances, LG provides solutions so that its products can save energy, so as to ensure it always works with an environmentally friendly system.

LG Service Center service toreach all Indonesian customers

So LG’s goal of issuing products with advanced technology is nothing but so that the product can be durable and comfortable when used. They want to provide a sense of satisfaction and comfort to all their loyal customers.

For consumers who want to get complete information or need help, you can even go to the website to communicate directly. Call center and live chat are available. So you can get a solution right away.

Any consumer can file a complaint or product repair by contacting our call center. The following number, 14010, can be contacted every day. In addition to call center services, LG has its headquarters in Jakarta and branches in each city. Then you can visit the LG service center office  if you experience problems and want to get a solution immediately.

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