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Get to know the Information Centre’s call center for employment and its various branches

Knowing how many  phone numbers call center   for employment is very important for those who have joined this state program. Since preprocessing itself involves government programs specifically to make society more capable and able to compete with others.

The hope is that there will be no more unemployment and poverty because in the end all citizens involved in it can open their jobs. Thus, this program is very good considering that everyone gets help for cost at once.

So when asked who is aiming for these government programs? In fact, this card can be used by anyone, not only valid for job seekers , bad boys, employees and people who have been fired and fired due to the COVID-19 pandemic can also participate.

The most important thing is that the budding owner must be over 18 years of age and not receive a formal instruction. In addition, this application also does not apply to members of the police, officials, soldiers and village chiefs, as well as  their devices and the like.

Job call information center number

While it may sound simple, it turns out that this application is not without obstacles. Sometimes some people complain about a lot of money that hasn’t been paid out or processed. These things happen often because of a few things. For example, because balance is actually a work in progress.

So those who have passed this choice of employment plan will receive card numbers for training and support for other learning needs. People who fall into this category only need to be patient because the funds are still running, so there is no need to contact  the Information Centre’s call center for employment.

While the second reason is that the funds have actually failed. This generally happens when potential registrars are deemed not to meet the provisions required by law in the hiring plan  . Because as it is known there are some limitations regarding this application.

However, if the problem is that the intensity has not yet been processed, customer service can be contacted by email so that the delivery process is accelerated as it should be. Is there a phone number that can be reached? Because of course, some people are more convenient to contact interested parties via phone line.

If you encounter problems with this application, of which one want to change accounts or have some other questions, please contact   the Employment Information Centre call center  via phone number 021-255541246 directly. But pay attention to working hours because you are only served from Monday to Friday.

How to create a pre-employment card account  online

These members can be contacted during working hours from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 19.00. The interesting thing is that the phone connection is free of call costs, so it’s more efficient because no credit is charged. In this way, each registrant can communicate directly.

It’s just that you may have to be patient because of course there are a lot of people who contact them. It is therefore very likely that it will be difficult to contact call center services   for employment in  this information centre because there are many people who need assistance. So how to register? Check out the method below:

  1. To create an account, just go to the official website directly via Then you just need to fill out the registration form available fully equipped with your username, email and password, and then select the registration menu. After that wait until there is a confirmation of login and the account is created successfully.
  2. Then sign in with your account before so you can access the dashboard directly. Here, immediately check your personal information again and do not make mistakes because it can cause a malfunction. In addition, you are usually asked to take a selfie using your ID.
  3. At this point, the data collection must be valid and correct if you want your request to be accepted. Only then will you be asked to take a series of basic skills tests and choose the desired wave. From here, wait for the results of passing the test or not passing the test or contact the Information Center’s call center  for hiring for more information.

Job card registration schedule  and how to follow the training

For potential applicants who want to participate in this state program, they must first know the enrollment plan. Because this later will be useful for controlling the wave. For information about the registration application, you can ask directly at the employment service number  .

Because they usually stay during working hours to answer any questions related to this app. In addition to contacting Customer Service, you can also familiarize yourself with the program through the latest news from the media and social media. This is where you will know the updated opening and closing times.

Not only that, in general, in addition to using  the information center’s call center service for  employment, via social media, the plan  for huge cash disbursements and other latest information on the card was also sent. So you don’t have to be afraid to lose the information you need again.

In the meantime, if you want to participate in training, check the balance first. If you make your choice successfully, keep an eye on some exercises. Next, choose the training place yourself and pay by using the credit to directly participate in the training.

The payment process is fairly simple because it can be done through each registrant’s card number for hiring. The purchase limit is usually for 1 month after the advertisement has been received. If lost, candidates who have passed the selection will be revoked directly.

List of recruitment incentive providers

Interestingly, there are now many services that provide a large disbursement of funds due to this pre-employment program. In addition to searching for information directly through the Recruitment Information Center call center,  you can also select one of the service providers below if you want to pay out funds directly:

  1. Go Pay is one of the digital wallet services that provides a great home delivery service for work. All types of barriers around the delivery will be assisted directly by the relevant call center. So you don’t have to hesitate to use this e-money service.
  2. Link Aja is also a powerful delivery service provider for this government program. If you find that it is difficult to contact Customer Service, you can seek help through the call center directly from Link Aja. This is where you will quickly get help paying out funds.
  3. OVO also includes services that provide the disbursement of funds for an employment programme. You can contact their customer service team directly to find out how to pay out funds quickly. But of course, make sure you have to pass the app before you do.

Looking at the explanation above, the conditions for participating in this program are not difficult. It’s just that you should never register if you don’t meet the requirements so that you’re free of legal complications. For the rest, you can contact the Employment Information Center call center  to answer questions related to this app.

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