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What functions do job certificates play? Starting the second art

The function of a work certificate or whether it can be called a plug-in letter may be something a newly worked employee is often asked. Generally, the letter is written by an employee who resigns and demands a statement or reference from the PT.

The letter is biased and yesprovided by the HrD department and this is evidence if staff are part of the PT Which is concerned over a certain period of time. in the letter there are also positions and last periods of employment questions.

In addition, the letter usually includes general employee data and describing the performance and behavior they had during holding Short-term their positions as part of the previous PT and PT, which issued the letter.The letter was also used as official evidence if staff were working within the PT.

Essentially, the letter is not only limited to applying for a job, but also used for other subjects; in fact, the letter was also used by G Immigration, which also looks after official records at the agencies involved.Below are various information relating to  the tank plumbing  letter, including whether it As a function of a work certificate or not.

The content of the paklairing letter that must be there

In fact, this letter contains a variety of information, like pt working as an employee and relevant. In addition, you will also do a framework work The company’s needs too. the letter also covers the length of the relations between you and the company.

In some letters, the company also wrote the behaviour of employee workers doing their jobs, leading to the end of the work relations Between PT and staff and thanked employee workers for the contributions they made while working in the company.

The letter of the youngest is certainly different from the letter of dismissal.If it is removed, it is a letter to be issued by the company while firing staff but letters False ethnicity does not always be issued by the company. Generally, if an employee submits a request, this letter issues, especially if it has contributed to the progress of the PT.

The function of a work certificate is really important, so if you no longer work in the PT, make sure you apply for a job certificate. In addition, make sure that the statement of this letter is consistent with actual events, it is important to apply for a job in another PT.

In fact, as long as the letter contains a signature-stamped head and a valid PT, the letter is already available for different purposes. But still you need to reconsider whether the information there is indeed approximate.

How to get a paklaring certificate?

Before knowing what the function of the work certificate is, many new staff are still rambling over how to obtain a job certificate. It is actually very easy to get Work certified, you can ask the department of concerned  staff for a letter when you ask for a letter, usually the company secretary immediately takes place.

While requesting this letter you must not be scared or hesitant as itis your right as an employee to provide it In addition, some universities have no rules for  issuing rebate letters to employees after they stop working at PT.

In general, however, the characteristics of puccaling letters between one company and the other are slightly different. e.g. For example, the letters pumping out of banking companies might be a little different from a pump out of a creative industry.

However, Demikiaen   is a function of the same work certificate? Of course, it’s the same, so the letters you are holding can then be used as a way of managing various documents or important needs. Not only apply for a new job.

The function of paklairing letters varies dramatically

Most employees think that if Mr Pu’s letter is only required to apply for a job in a new PT, it will really smell it Neverthely, this letter is not just for this matter. Here’s what it does:

  1. Find a new job. Finding a new job is an important task. This certificate is useful in providing records of Aa Make no mistake, every achievement you have from the PT you have made in the past will help you figure out the range of your professional achievements.


Puccaling letters are an important record to see professional development.So in the curriculum you do to apply for a job is Not only write about your experiences, but there is real evidence.

  1. Requirements when you want to withdraw work BPJS funds. When you want to withdraw money or fund BPJS, work, you have to provide Document puccaling letters. Generally BPJS. Katenagakarjan company asks for a legal piano letter.

The document collectedis a copy of it, so it is not the original letter. If you have included the letter, it is even if you are working as an employee  at PT, you can give money About 10 to 30 percent of the BPJS Catengarjan fund. Is the function of a job certificate enough to come  here? No.

  1. Borrow money from the bank. If you want to borrow money or money from the bank, you will need this certificate. The letter will be used as a condition of bank approval. Some loans require information if you are part of a company working with a strategic stance.

The bank will then consider whether you can actually pay off the mortgage by working in that position. the bank usually asks you to complete the letter as a condition for applicants who want to put in place The loan application is not only money but a car or motorcycle loan. Is the function of this work certificate is really  important .

  1. Apply for scholarly. Scholarships obtained through professional means require a valid bucket letter and they are legalised by the company. This letter is absolutely necessary What to meet if you apply for a scholarship through professional means. These are typically offered by the government or the private sector.

Getting a Pacific letter conditional

After finding out what the function of the work certificate is, the terms of the preparation of this letter are another unforgettable point. Issuing this certificate, there are many requirements for  staff to meet, this mouse refers to the company  to be able to provide it  .

  1. He resigned well. employees who resigned could obtain this certificate, which is the necessary condition to resign properly. As designed Already submit a request, this certificate serves as a recommendation or reference to a previous company. So if it is not right to resign, of course you cannot ask for a recommendation.
  2. Working for at least a year is also necessary to get a punishment letter. If you have not worked for 1 year, an employee is assigned Leave as immature to manage their performance. not only that, this certificate relates closely to the ethics of processing a profession One.

If you look at the functions this letter has, of course, this kind of letter is possible to give employees different qualifications when deciding to quit work Work and get another job with this document will also help the worker get eligible, so please clarify whether the function of this work certificate  is good.

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