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Why slow down the active period of XL letters

XL letter is active period, should be known to the public also, to apply to the Internet, phone EP and SMS. As we all know, operators actually add an active period to consumers.

If the validity period of the number has expired and is not renewed, the number will not be entered and the customer may not use it. However, let Ru meet a million, and Ru cannot enjoy XL things, but what can ?

XL is known to be one of the most popular cellular carriers in Indonesia. This is due to the fact that the donors are popular, and there are various types of promotions such as Internet plans, phone plans, and SMS packages. Interesting, XL is notoriously expensive, so it’s all there

Unfortunately, it is not the active period of XL letter that is not related to the users of 10,000 XL. Only when the number is not available and then known. When the period is over, it is not uncommon for users to use their old cards and have to update their SIM cards.

If you do not have a number for XL years, your son will not want it?  The period of finding the pulse is really easy. For customers to no longer be curious, there is a law here to check.

How to light XL letter active period

Those who seek a grace period for SIMcard XL, can be two, can dial  code * 123# website. To dial up, customers have to type *123# on the phone menu. If so, you can see the details.

If the customer visits us XL co.id because of the website  , he can choose the words. Click Skip this process to skip some unwanted processes. Use the mobile phone number and password recorded before. Through the network, customers see the remaining credit limit and the period of movement.

Save XL letter active period one with the MyXL app. Its apps are available for iOS users Playstore and App Store. This is also easy to use on the website and easy to use as well. If it has been downloaded, the password will be lost.

The active period of the letter depends on the amount of balance issued. The sending balance is large, and the XL card is long. Those who want to extend the sun and the moon can set up the following number of techniques to extend it.

The way to extend the life of SIM XL

Extend the active period of XL letter, and it is also possible to do more. Pass top-up credit balance. The recharge balance can be made in many ways, from Shopee, Tokopedia and other e-commerce markets to open stalls.  XL  cards are valid for:

  1. Rp1000= 2 days
  2. Rp5000= 7 days
  3. 000= 15 days
  4. IDR 15,000 = 20 days
  5. Rp25,000 = 35 days
  6. Rp 50.000= 45 days
  7. Rp 100.000 = 90 days
  8. Rp 200.000 = 120 days
  9. Rp 300.000 = 180 days
  10. Rp500,000 = 240 days
  11. 000.000 = 360 days

In addition to the XL letter active period, XL customers can also buy XL active period. This is a wide range of words, and it can be adjusted according to the customer. It is advisable that the grace period for the balance of multiple credits is approaching. Obviously you don’t want this number of empty cokes, but what? The following is the step.

  1. The customer has to open the telephone dial menu on the mobile phone
  2. If so, type *123*8484#. Wait a while for the new menu
  3. The XL Digital Year option is IDR 2000 for 1.3 days, IDR 5000 for 2.7 days, IDR 15,000 for 3.30 days, IDR 100,000 for 4.90 days, IDR 30,000 for 4.90 days, IDR 100,000 for 5360 days
  4. The option of being a king.
  5. If it has become a rule, the SIM card XL will increase by itself

 Extend XL operator life  after  surgery

  1. Extend the validity period of XL credit limit, buy various types of packages (Internet, SMS and telephone) letter transfer from operators. As for the light way, this argument is also true.
  2. Because buy a service pack

For those who want to save money? On the chance or to the solution, buy XL for Internet package, SMS or phone call Customers  who want to market the package, visit it at *123#, consumers have to count the menu options.

From the beginning of the SMS plan, the phone calls to the Internet. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the XTRACOMbo menu. In this menu, users can choose from multiple Internet packages, which can be adjusted privately.

  1. Credit transfers

If you can’t buy the letter, why can the  letter transfer check XL letter holder active period  can also extend the solution of the XL card period that you like. The method is not mixed, and it is very easy to do. Jun Dan visit *123#, select the number 7 for information, still choose the M-pulsa menu and points. But the number credit limit.

XL operator  wins

With the XL operator, there are several good, i.e

  1. Quite an internet network

This XL operator is the first good and already has a good Internet network. Especially because it already has a 4G network, this is the fastest network today. This is also inseparable from his visit to Indonesia several times.

  1. Finish the package as you like

Its provider is known for its complete package options, which can be customized with the customer. From internet packages, SMS to phone calls. However, the price is also what the customer can do.

  1. Customer service is available for SpeedPass

The final winner is also the responsive customer service. Customer service is always good, such as for the good of customers.

XL, the demand for large cellular operators also, for the big thing also. It is loyal to customers, knowing XL believers active period sincerity is also very important



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