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Check The West Java KK KK KK Code with Internet Assistance


When taking care of administrative files and there isn’t enough personal data, you need to check the West Java Online Family Card through internet. Especially if you’re far from home and only carrying an IDENTITY card, it’s hard if you have to contact the person at home first.

Currently, the existence of a family card (KK) is really very important, because for different agencies the information on KK numbers is very important. Even in the phone card registration process, you need the same. So, the people of you who do not have this card should now be careful about registration. for later and needs different needs.

The existence of a family card is not only beneficial for dealing with government offices, but it is also beneficial for financial institutions, schools, and others. Without KK, most administrative processes will normalize the administrative process. Because the number on it is an identification of the family and its members.

Making family cards is not only in Dukcapil’s office, but there are also online services. Because during the epidemic, almost all government administrative services are carried out on the hotline so as not to create a population. You can also use other services in replacing missing KK data and reporting.

However you can rely on the services of an online network that is being opened by any of the civil registration sites in each state. Well, before exploring more about this online service, you need to know the importance of KK and various other information. Let’s look at the following explanation.

Citizens’ right to take a family card

All citizens are entitled to receive a family card. Unlike the ID where someone immediately owns it, the KKK can be owned by several people. Because it contains info about every family member. For example, father, mother, son or plus a grandparent.

The family card doesn’t just belong to the head of the family, though it does contain really include a description of the family structure and the head of the family includes the number in the first sequence. Any registered member can use it to add KK to the needs of the administration.

Verification of current West Java KK numbers can be done at any time easily. Because in today’s modern era, you can use the Internet as a source of information. It is only necessary to know through the search engine and the information that is to be available.

To make a family card, you have to prepare a number of requirements, namely an RT cover letter with a RW signature, an image of a marriage book or marriage certificate, and other supporting certificates. The production process can be done by visiting Dukcapil’s office or by doing it online.

It’s not just data creation and modernization services that can use online services. The west Java KK number of the number is also an online service feature on the civil registration service website. You shouldn’t remember that not everyone can remember this number, especially if it’s only used at any time.

The Importance of Family Cards in Administrative Files

Checking KK Online West Java can only be done by people who already have it. Having KK is mandatory for all Indonesianiisians because this certificate will be able to be used for various administrative needs, including:

  1. Identity card process is required

The information for making an identity card is taken from KK because it is already listed by nik and other important information. Meanwhile, more information will be available during the making of the id card.


  1. It is necessary to open a savings account

When you want to open a savings account, you should also add KK akawn. This requirement applies to all national banks. If they are not in it, then the submitted registration is rejected, for it is not enough.


  1. It is necessary to make a birth certificate

A birth certificate or birth certificate is as important as the child’s identity, before the child’s age is obtained with an identity card. In the way of doing deeds, it is hoped that KK becomes a parent database that will be the basis for doing the actions later. If you do not have a family card, the process of obtaining a birth certificate is free of charge.


  1. Need a loan application

The application for auto loans, homes, and even electronic goods also requires a family card so that the information provided is really accurate so that the loan application can be approved.


  1. Passports required

You do not want to go abroad needs a passport and the process of making the passport must be included in the birth certificate, family card, and identity card or certificate. Creating online and forget the KK number, you can check out the West Java number KK on the capil agency’s website.

Don’t Have KK Yet, You Can Create It Online

If you don’t have a KK yet, you don’t have to worry because you can make it online, especially for a couple who are now married, you have to take care of it quickly so that you don’t have a problem with it in the future. because different things need to be solved for this family. Here’s the full system:

  1. Ask for rt’s introductory letter first, make sure the letter was signed by RW as well.
  2. Apply for a registration form in this kelura by adding an RT cover letter and filling in the complete form.
  3. Take a picture of the form when you fill it in and ask for Dukcapil’s official number for the online registration application to get this kelura.
  4. Then wait for the production process and check west Java Online KK after the complete announcement.

Alternatively you should register on the official website of the registered registry office in West Java. Register when registration opens. Each dukcapil has a certain number of hours of registration and quota limits. After completing the filling of the form, attach a picture of the marriage certificate and rt cover letter.

Easy Siyaabaha Hubi KK Online West Java

Sometimes you need information regarding your family card. Registering online, for example. When you are experiencing such situations, do not be afraid yet. Because there are a few ways to quickly help us get through it. especially if you have a mobile phone with an internet connection, everything will be easy.

The Internet as a technology product can provide you with convenience, one which is providing an easy way to check the West Java Online Family Card.  You don’t have to go home or bother people who contact the house, just do this:

  1. chat service. The number +62811-800-537-3 can be contacted via chat message WA. Use the nama-nik format (what can be seen in the KTP)
  2. Use the 24-hour assistance service using electronic mail to go to the address: containing what is in the postal name, nik according to the local card, and personal information on other id cards. Complete the application email theme with family card number information.
  3. On the Ministry of the Interior’s website, you can apply for a search number for the family number and enter the national identity number and stay just before the required information appears. The title of this page is
  4. Create a web page account on the websites of the Civil Registry Service, and then get it into a population search service and find the necessary information. The title of this page:
  5. Use your social media account and visit the FB page of the Dukcapil General Administration or @ccdukcapil (twitter), and then send a DM to the admin depending on the problem at hand.

According to the function known as citizenship id, every Indonesianian or foreign citizen must have a family card. It is not only as an identifier but also used to populate various management files. Simply now, the creation and auditing of KK Online West Java can be done using the Internet.

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