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Western  Javanese drink Baji gur  Body warming recipe

Entering the rainy season,  as it is today, it is best to make a drink resep bajigur typical of West Java to maintain body heat .   For people in  and around West Java, they need to be familiar with bajigur drinks.   This drink, which is rich  in  ginger , is actually in great demand because it  can  warm the body.

Although it comes from Bandung, West Java,  but bajigur was also popular in different regions of the archipelago, especially on the  island of Java.   Bajigur  itself is a warm drink made of ginger, coconut milk, brown sugar  and vanilla.  This  traditional Western Javanese drink is usually  sold at night to  warm up.

Bajigur is very popular in bandung and surrounding areas that have a cold snap.  The ginger content contained in  this drink is actually able to warm the body so that it matches the  weather in the city of  flowers  that resides.   This drink is usually served with various stews,  such as umi on the cob, corn on  the cob, as well as boiled bananas.

Nowadays, finding a typical West Javanese  beverage retailer  is  no longer  difficult, as there are many vendors who travel every night. However, if you want to be more stable, you can make this warm drink yourself at home.  The recipe for this Western Javanese bajigur drink is a jug of uncomplicated.   For more information about the recipe and how to make it, check out the following reviews:

Ingredients and how to make a delicious Bajigur

Making this typical  West Javanese  drink is actually not difficult.   The necessary materials also do not have too much for everyone to definitely make it. If you are interested in making this warm drink, here is the recipe and how to make it:

Ingredients in the drink resep bajigur typical of West Java :

  1. Ginger 2 cm
  2. 5 liters of coconut milk comes from one coconut grain
  3. Cinnamon 3 cm
  4. Brown sugar 260 grams, comb
  5. Pandan leaves 2 pieces
  6. Ground coffee 1 tbsp
  7. Granulated sugar 1 tbsp
  8. Salt 1/2 tsp
  9. Kolang-kaling to taste

Steps to make a typical Western Javanese bajigur drink recipe :

  1. Prepare a saucepan, then boil 1.5 liters of coconut milk. Add pandan leaves,  granulated  sugar  and brown sugar  to the coconut milk stew.   Gently  stir the coconut milk stew until it boils so that it does not spoil.
  2. After boiling and mixing , also put the  ginger that has been roasted and removed the zest into  the stew of coconut milk .   Also add cinnamon, ground coffee and salt.   Cook  until all the ingredients are well mixed and cooked.
  3. Let stand for a while until the coffee settles, then pour into a cup or glass. To make it tastier, add the slices of kaling kolang and serve warm.  Serve with a variety of stewed foods and the wedang bajigur is ready to eat.

The history of Bajigur drinks that you need to know

Bajigur is a traditional drink originating from Priangan in  West Java. The beginning of the existence of the wedang bajigur was the  custom of  farmers who often brewed palm sugar with warm water before going to the rice fields.   In addition, it developed  and combined with coconut water and ginger, making it the wedang bajigur it is today.

Farmers initially added warm sugar water with ginger and coconut milk.   Who would have thought that  a warm drink turned out to be in great demand,  until  it finally became known as a bajigur. Hence, the recipe for West Javanese bajigur drinks is  known as a typical Western Javanese drink, which is very popularly consumed  to warm the body.

In the 1990s, bajigurs were widely sold by swordsmen in a pushed manner.   Sellers of this drink usually sell at night , since this drink is very strong for heating the night weather of the famous cold city of Bandung.  Over time, more and more wedang bajigur traders appeared and spread beyond  the West Java region.

Bajigur is known for its sweet taste with warm sensasand ginger.   The addition with kolang-kaling slices makes this drink  even tastier.   In addition to  being  delicious to drink at night, West Javans  often drinkit in the  morning before classes begin.  It is believed that it is  able to increase endurance and energy for work.

Difference between Bajigur and Bandrek

Some people still think that the bajigur is the same as the bandrek.  Despite the fact that the recipe for Western Javanese bajigur drinks from bandarks is very different.   Invisibly , the bandrek has a more pronounced shape, while the bajigur is  more cloudy, as it is added with coconut milk.

Bandrek is made from a decoction of  ginger, as well as brown sugar.  It is  also   customary to   add some spices such as cinnamon, cloves, pandan leaves and  to warm the body.   Boiled water Bandrek has a transparent color cokelat with a fairly strong aroma of ginger.   Bandrek is  usually served with young coconut meat and can also  be  added with sweetened condensed milk.

While bajigur is made mainly from palm sugar and coconut milk, which is then added ginger  and several other spices. If the bandrek has a transparent color cok e lat, then bajigur is  more intense, because there is extra coconut milk.   This drink is usually served with slices of kolang-kaling with fried friends or boiled bananas.

Although both contain ginger and are native to West Java,  the recipes for West Javan bajigur and bandrek drinks are very different.   So if you are visiting a city of flowers, do not sampai mistakenly call these two types of warm minumana .   However, these two types have the same advantages that are able to warm the body and increase endurance.

Benefits of Bajigur drinks forhealth

Bajigur drink is  not only delicious, but also has many benefits for the body.   The ginger content of this  typical West Java bajigur drink recipe   is able to warm the body in winter.   Moreover, there are also many other advantages of this drink, which is very famous in the city of Bandung.

It is also believed that the R esep bajigur drink typical of West Java is also able to relieve flu symptoms, especially nasal congestion and colds.   Not only that, some also believe  that the  content  of ginger and other spices contained in the drink is able to increase endurance and prevent cholesterol levels  .  Blood.  Some also  believe  that bajigur is able to prevent obesity.

The ginger content  contained in this  drink is also considered  good for the  health and beauty of the skin.   It is also believed  that some digestive problems can be solved by drinking this Western Javanese wedang. So do not be surprised if this drink is becoming more and more popular,  because it is not only delicious, but also has many benefits for the body and health.

In    the middle  of a pandemic like today, it’s very important to maintain endurance  to stay in shape. One of the   ingredients that  is considered capable of properly increasing endurance , is ginger.

In addition to being delicious, bajigur also has many benefits for the body, especially increasing endurance n and preventing flu symptoms.  Besides being processed into ginger wedang, making the drink resep bajigur typical  of  Javanese aratb can also  be  a recommendation to  try.

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