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How to contact Permata Bank Call Center is surprisingly easy

How to contact the call center of the bank permata is not as difficult as it seems. Some people find it difficult because they don’t know how. In fact, if there is a known way to contact this call center, the person must be aware that the method is very easy. When contacting a call center, customers need to be very helpful.

This is because the call center response is very fast in solving all sorts of problems. You should not contact him when he is confused about banking matters. This is because the problem will not be completely solved, even if you have learned from many articles. This is because the information is incorrect.

It will be easier if you contact the call center of the permata bank directly. This is because the answer from CS will answer the question directly. The answer from CS is certainly official and the same as the answer we will get when it comes directly to the bank. Therefore, make sure you know how to contact cs.

How to contact the Call Center by phone

The first way to contact a call center is, of course, by phone. The bank’s own gem divides its services into several contacts. The first service provided is called PermataTel. This is the most common type of service that anyone can use. PermataTel itself is available on two contacts.

The first contact concerns domestic needs, and the second concerns foreign needs. For the first contact, you can contact him at 1500-111. As for the second, you can contact him at +6221-1500-111. You can contact the call center of permata bank at any time.

This is because both cs services are available for 24 hours. In fact, the availability of cs for 24 hours does not apply only to the pertamatel service. Other services, such as priority banking and preffered banking, are also available for 24 hours. However, the contact between them is obviously different than in the case of PermataTel.

For priority banking, you can contact him at 1500-100. The number is intended for domestic purposes. Meanwhile, if you are abroad, you need to call +6221-1500-100. Priority banking itself is not available to the general public. Its services are intended only for priority customers.

This limited service is also owned by jeins preffered banking. This is a high-end service that only premium customers can use. There are also two types of numbers depending on the location of the customer who is contacting. If you are in the country, customers can call 1500-110.

Meanwhile, abroad, customers can contact +6221-1500-110. Although the service is available for 24 hours, there is a difference when contacting it during business hours and other hours. During working hours, the available CS is more. This makes the phone very rarely lag.

Contact with thecall center can also be in other ways

In addition to the phone, you can also contact the call center of the permata bank in other ways. The first way is to use email. The official email address of the permata bank itself is To contact him via email, first log in with your personal email address.

Then create a new message and enter the address you want to go to. Also, don’t forget to enter the title of the complaint or question you want to ask. In the message box, enter the problem you encountered in detail. Also, don’t forget to make a personal agreement, from your full name to your account number.

When you receive an email from a consumer, permata Bank’s call center will understand the meaning of the email as well as possible. In addition, it still needs waiting time for CS to give the best answer. therefore, make sure that the questions given are as detailed as possible. This method can make it easier for CS to understand complaints.

This, of course, makes the sent message faster to respond to. In addition to email, you can also contact permata bank via social media. One of the most active social media gem banks is Twitter. Contacting him via Twitter is also not too difficult.

First, prepare your personal information and accounts as accurately as possible. When you’re ready, log in to your personal Twitter account. After logging in, look for the official bank account of the gems. The official account itself is @permatacare. The official call center account of permata bank has features just like other official Twitter accounts.

Once you’ve found your account, you can get in touch in two ways. These methods include via DM and mention. For questions that are privacy-related, you can use the DM, as it is necessary to provide some personal information, such as contact via email. But for those who have the nature of a question, just mention it directly to the @permatacare.

Additional information related to the Call Center

There are often questions related to the call center of the permata bank. One of the most common questions concerns costs when contacting a call center. Please note that every time you call a number, a rate applies. Of course, the rates are different when contacting at home and abroad.

When contacting abroad, cross-site rates will apply. Meanwhile, if you contact the country, the rates vary depending on the SIM card you are using. In fact, contact via email and social media is the way out that can be chosen when the customer does not have credit in stock.

This allows complaints to continue to be expressed, even if it’s not as fast as using your phone. In fact, the bank’s own call center is developing a technology called Voice ID. With this technology, data verification while using the phone can work faster. Some consumers complain about the verification of this data.

This is because data verification takes a lot of time, so it consumes a large amount of customer credit. Thanks to the presence of a voice ID, data verification is not actually performed orally. However, the system will detect the voice of the party making the call.

With this detection, the system will immediately find out whether the person calling for it is you or not. But to use the voice identification service, you must first register the voice. Registration of this vote is done through PermataTel, which was explained above that the phone number is 1500-111.

Be sure to contact him when there is a problem

Do not contact the permata bank call center when there is a problem. In some conditions, contact with the call center becomes mandatory. One example is swallowing or losing an ATM card. If this happens, contact the call center directly to block the ATM card.

If this block is not executed, it may happen that the ATM is used by another party, and the balance in it is immediately lost. Blocking it with a call center may be the best preventive measure. In addition to blocking ATM cards, you should also contact the call center if there are urgent conditions.

For example, ATMs often experience disruptions even though you intend to make important payments. Do not wait for the ATM to be recovered, as the time cannot be determined. It would be better if you contacted the call center directly. This is because the call center itself provides transfer and payment functions of various services.

With the profit that will be obtained when contacting him, be sure to save the contacts of the bank’s jewels on your personal mobile phone. This will be very useful if at any time you have an urgent need. That way, you no longer have to look for permata bank call center contacts ¬†when you need it.

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