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How to Complain K E Call Center KFC About Criticism Advice


If you have any problems, criticism, or suggestions, complaining at the KFC call center is the  best way to get there. First of all, we know for ourselves that while this food from the United States is known for being very experienced, it won’t be perfect. Sometimes consumers find that service or food is not optimal.


Of course, not all outlets have similar problems, but only a few stalls. This can cause opening or misunderstanding between consumers and waiting there. Therefore, you need to complain about it, especially because this restaurant is known for being good and can receive criticism and suggestions.


A brief introduction to the origins of KFC


Kentucky Fried Chicken is known to have a long history, so experience serving various food products doesn’t have to be reported at KFC call center  at all. Especially when we compare it to other restaurants or fast food franchises, most of them are definitely still the number one in Indonesia as well.


Fast food comes from the city of Kentucky, as the name suggests, where it was first discovered by Colonel Harland Sanders and directly established. The story is so popular that he used to sell chicken and didn’t have much income, so he was under a lot of pressure until depression.


But that began to change when he started cooking chicken in Corbin in 1930, and it became very much sympathy for people. Then, in 1939, Sanders made his own fried chicken recipe because he used many interesting types of spices and had his own way to preserve the flavor process.


This led to Sanders later receiving an award from the local governor in the form of the kentucky Colonel. The franchise was founded in 1955, when Sanders had previously traveled from America to Canada to offer his wars. No wonder many investors are interested in investing in Sanders’s business after that.


In 1978, the KFC National Training Center was founded after a major investment by entrepreneurs such as Jack Massey and John Brown Jr. opened. Unfortunately, Harland Sanders died 2 years later, in 1980, making it a deep news story, especially because the growth of his hard work at the time was on a large scale.


Benefits of KFC in terms of products and services


Looking at its long history, it’s no wonder that this franchise comes with many benefits, one of which is the ease of finding outlets. Now we can’t just see a show in a big city. But in every major city, there needs to be more outlets for distribution to be fairly fair though.


We see examples in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya or Semarang. In a big city, there are many buffer cities where each of them should have a KFC restaurant. So you don’t have to go all the way to the city or province as it’s more affordable from home.


Especially now, when the delivery service can be used quickly and cost-effective without effort. You can call 14022 directly and if you don’t know the menu, you can ask the clerk to pick up the phone. Please note that the service for delivery and customer service is not the same.


For all the outlets, they also have the best facilities, so sometimes people complaining about the KFC call center are there, but that doesn’t matter. In general, complaints about service problems from employees or lack of food are alone. But when other facilities like restaurants or playgrounds are very optimal.


You can make maximum use of room in the restaurant as the arrangements are comfortable as most outlets are quite spacious. In addition, it should be preferred in terms of sanitation, especially by employees in cleaning activities. They are well trained so they can experience maintaining the cleanliness of each restaurant space according to SOP.


Another advantage is that it is now not only used for stopovers, but can also be used as a place for coffee. It happened because of the emergence of the latest restaurant, KFC Coffee, where it usually looks the same as cafes. You can find a room with a minibar which is very comfortable.


How to Complain to KFC Call Center If There’s a Problem


Any business or restaurant will certainly receive input or suggestions and even complaints from its customers, including KFC. But even if it contains criticism and complaints, we shouldn’t give it a shock. There is a separate recommendation for the provision of complaints, which one of the complaints and suggestions should be true.


If you don’t know what’s being criticized, first contact the KFC call center or complain to them. You can call the customer service number 08071677777. If you feel like you’ve been contacted, but you’re just busy, you can only send a complaint via email.


You can ask for service or food results if it is not pleasant. But you need to find the best time to do this, especially if poverty is quite large. But for the general nature, complaints can be made as usual, but should be patient to call CS or receive their email responses.


 To complain to the KFC call center, you can also do so directly through their main website. There will be different columns in the form of data that need to be filled with customer comments. You can fill all these fields in your own opinion, don’t fill them in because you hear the messages of others.


Additionally, if you have received a response from the company administrator, it must be received properly. His name provides criticism or complaint in any case that is willing to carry out the advice given. This advice is usually in the form of positive feedback, so that it will benefit consumers and businesses. Moreover, none of the parties are hurting, but everyone makes money.


Alternative points of criticism other than complaint at KFC Call Center


If you don’t file a complaint using a phone number and email address, you can try it through their social media like Twitter on @KFCINDONESIA and Instagram @kfcindonesia. Because of the delivery via social media, you need to know how to deliver them properly. Especially the social media warehouse is hoaxes and various fake news.


Of course, if you give advice or complaint, but in the reality of a hoax, it can have criminal consequences. If you complain at the KFC call center, try not to use good language. This language is in nature, pushing for a specific event or condition, if the company is pushing it undesirable, the answer could be fatal for the whistleblower.


In addition, it is also important to understand which topics are willing to criticize or complain. Moreover, criticism should be made through social media in the form of facts, if it is in the form of an opinion, it is considered a hoax. Moreover, the content is negative, which is harmful to one of the parties between consumer and restaurant.


Therefore, complaints to the former KFC call center should first be  reconsidered. Think what the good and bad effect is if you criticize any of the restaurant’s stuff. If it has good intentions, it should be sent immediately for common good.


Maintaining the stability and morals of language will be the last key to dividing opinions, criticisms or suggestions through social media. Moreover, we come from Indonesia, where two characteristics and characteristics must always be possessed. While understanding does not violate the law, delivery should not violate the law.


We already know the benefits of this restaurant, which is famous for its flour fried chicken products. If you find poor services or food with bad taste, you can immediately send criticism and suggestions. If you complain to the call center, KFC still needs to maintain its dignity.

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